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We Specialize in benign Skin Mole and Skin Tag removal

Improve the skin you're in.

Why wait any longer?

Dr. Elaine Gillaspie


Dr. Elaine Gillaspie is a seasoned and caring naturopathic physician with 35 years of dedicated service to the Portland Community. 

Focused on Aesthetic Medicine, Dr. Gillaspie’s holistic approach and advanced training in the newest medical technology will help you feel your best, inside and out. 


Seattle and Puget Sound patients welcome

(phone consult first prior to travel down to Portland) 

For all Oregon and Washington patients

Dr. Gillaspie specializes in: 

• Mole removal

Skin surface irregularities

• Small red veins and spider vein removal

• Age spots and other sun damage removal

• Other raised skin lesion removal

• Skin tag removal

• Wart removal

Improve the skin you're in.



Dr. Gillaspie did the impossible... For years, I believed that the moles on my face were unfortunate,  immutable Facts of Life... Dr. Gillaspie erased my moles... I couldn't be happier. I feel like the people I meet will remember my ideas, not my moles.

If you have a benign mole you would like to have removed for cosmetic reasons, Dr. Elaine Gillaspie is a great person to go to. The method she uses will result in a flat, light pink area... that fades in time.

I have had several areas done by Dr. Gillaspie and I couldn't be happier. Her work is truly amazing and I wish I had found her so much sooner! The post on here by Dana B. is so true! I couldn't have written it better myself. I would recommend Dr. Gillaspie to anyone and everyone!!!

Anne M. 

Dana B.

Kristianne J.


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(503) 245-6516



Monday through Friday  8am - 4pm

11030 SW Capitol Highway,  Portland, OR 97219

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